The Boarding at Bark City is very different than the traditional way of boarding. Here at Bark City, the boarding dogs play all day with the daycare dogs. They are not kennedled during the day.

Each morning at 6:00 am the dogs are let out into the indoor/outdoor play area to stretch their legs. They are then fed seperate breakfasts and we always try to encourage people to bring their own food. It is much easier on your dog to keep him on his/her food, but if you don't bring his/her food we provide food from Honest Kitchen.

After breakfast, the dogs are given time to digest and then it is a day full of fun. All day the dogs are 100% supervised, they are played with throughout the day, given nap time, and of course given lots of attention. The dogs play until around 6 pm when they are given dinner and time to settle down. Each dog is put to bed in their own private quarters so that they can get a good nights sleep before a new day of fun begins.

"Check-in form" is for boarding dogs only- Please fill out the form below before arrival, and please note the "Rules and regulations" form as well.

Boarding Hours:

Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday - 8am - 7pm
Sunday - 8am - 12pm & 4pm - 6pm


Our Social Daycare allows your dog to play with other dogs all day in our indoor/outdoor facility. DAYCARE is supervised at all times, and there are always fun games, and special attention given to each dog. We do have special areas for puppies, small dogs, or special needs dogs.

Requirements for Daycare:

All dogs are screened. No aggressive dogs are allowed. Must be current on vaccinations: rabies, distemper, bordatella, flea, tick, and lice preventative (every 3 mo.). Females don't need to be spayed, but cannot participate in daycare if they are in heat, coming out of heat, or pregnant. Please look at our Rules and Regulations (below) for our daycare and boarding programs

Daycare Hours:

Monday - Friday [7am - 7pm]
Saturday - [8am - 7pm]
Sunday [8am - 12pm] & [4pm - 6pm]