Social Program

The Social Program allows dogs to socialize with each other in a safe, supervised play group! For this reason, we do not accept intact males older than 7 months, fearful dogs, aggressive dogs, or escape artists in the Social group. We require a screening day for all new clients to determine if the Social group will be a good fit! Social play groups are not for all dogs, and we may recommend starting in the Exclusive option if your dog seems overwhelmed or uncomfortable around others.


Social Daycare

We pair dogs of similar size and age in off-leash groups which are supervised at all times. Our four different indoor/outdoor play areas are designed to create a fun space for puppies, small dogs, and large dogs to make friends and learn valuable social skills. Daycare guests get a nap each day, which allows the body and mind to rest, and to eat lunches and snacks for those who need them. Dogs come home tired and happy after a day of daycare!



Social Boarding

Overnight Social guests participate in Social daycare during the day. Overnight accommodations feature private quarters, where personal belongings can be kept to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for nap time and bed time. The lodging area is climate controlled and remotely monitored throughout the night. Overnight guests are fed according to their usual schedule, and allowed time to digest in their lodgings prior to play time.


Personalize your dog’s stay with additional services!


· Small Group Enrichment Play: Guests will be paired in a group of no more than 5-6 dogs in two sessions during the day. They will have access to our largest yard (weather permitting) or indoor play area, where they will have fun running around, playing with toys, and getting social time with other dogs of similar size and age. *Please note that not all dogs will be able to participate in Small Group play, as the comfort and safety of all guests is our top priority. $10 per day

· 30 Minute Leash Walk: Weather permitting, we will take your dog on a one-on-one walk to explore the quiet neighborhood and get a little change of pace from the daily routine at Bark City. If your dog is an inexperienced or rambunctious leash walker, please bring a properly-fitted harness or halti-style head lead for their comfort and safety. $10 per walk

· 30 Minute One-on-One: Give your dog the ultimate gift of 30 minutes of special attention, doing their favorite activity! $15

· Brain Puzzle, for food-motivated dogs. $5

· Frozen Kong, stuffed with slow-cooked chicken, green beans, and cottage cheese. $5

· Emailed Photos of your dog’s daily activities. $5

· Grooming services are available to schedule during overnight visits, depending on availability