Includes washing, drying, brushout, nail trim, ears cleaned, glands:

Small Dogs:

The Perfect Place To Groom Your Dog!

Jack Russell, Beagle, Pug, Terriers, Bulldogs, Chihuahua

Corgi, Poms, Spitz, Yorki, Small Poodle, Lhasa Apso, Shihtzu, Terriers

Medium-Large Dogs:

Short Hair Dogs:
Labs, Pointers, Boxers, Pitbulls, Bassetts, Vizula, Dalmation

Extra Large Dogs:

Short Hair:
Great Dane, Rottweiler, Mastiffs

Long Hair:
Old English, Kuvasz, St. Bernard, Newfoundlands, Pyrenees, Akita, Chows, Huskys

Includes Bath, Brush, and Nails:

Small to Medium Dogs:
Schnauzer, Yorki, Shihtzu, Lhasa Apso, Cocker, Bichone, Poms, Toy Poodle, Maltese, Westies, Scotties, Carin Terriers, Goldens, Aussies, Border Collies, Setters

Small to Medium Dogs Field Cuts:Larger Hunting Dogs:Extra Large Dogs:

Grooms, Trimming, Clipping, Breed Styles:

Standard Poodle, Giant Schnauzer, Newfoundlands, St. Bernard, Labradoodles, Old English Sheep Dog

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